Understanding Group Dynamics in a fun way

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GilbertoFollowMay 31, 2018

Time ago I presented a game at the Agile Game Lab Berlin meetup. I have been searching that game for years and once I found it, I wanted to try it. the game is called: Movers and Shapers
 You can find more about it at this link: https://agileanarchy.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/the-agile-playground-2/

The game is really simple. A group of people move randomly inside a closed area, while they move they have to create different configurations based on simple rules given by the game moderator.

What is amazing of this game is that you can see and even feel group dynamics in action. You can experience the constant change in your own movement but also see how the system as a whole changes creating patterns of behavior. It is a fun and easy game to play without any material needed. Perfect for people new to complexity but also great for people that are struggling to understand its meaning!

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