Rethinking Groupthink

Penn prof proves wisdom of crowds can prevail PennFollowJun 21, 2017 By Katherine Unger Baillie Groups in which everyone has equal influence made better predictions than groups in which a single individual was deemed an opinion leader. Anyone following forecasting polls leading up to the 2016 election likely believed Hillary Clinton would become the 45th president […]

How to Find Your Friends at a Festival

Some Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Your Crew Together Eamon ArmstrongFollowAug 4, 2014 First published on Fest300 (now Everfest) on August 04, 2014 Doing a festival as a crew, camp or tribe enhances the experience and strengthens your friendships. But part of what makes the festival environment so great can also make it hard to keep track […]

Side-stepping group dynamics: The 90-minute Mini-Sprint

How we generated 432 ideas in 3 hours and picked 5 winners without arguing. Luke BattyeFollowNov 17, 2017 So we recently ran a hack day where we wanted to reconnect everyone with the purpose in our business: uniting knowledge. As not every member of the team had experienced our Design Sprint process first hand, we decided to design […]

Not always 3 is a crowd- The rationale behind group dynamics

Debanjan KunduFollowJul 16, 2018 “Never doubt a small group of thoughtful citizens who can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has” — Margaret Mead Whenever we imagine that a group of individuals are working together who are way too comfortable with each other, we tend to believe that the orientation towards a […]

The 60’s sound and the church: thoughts on the lost beauty of group dynamics

Rick MichelsFollowJun 8, 2018 I went to the elliptical machine for the morning workout, and on this day decided to plug in “Monkees Radio” on my Apple iTunes account. I have a thing about 60’s pop, both because it’s catchy and fun, and also because it brings up happy memories of being a child in […]

Dealing with Group Dynamics

Christian KlangFollowJul 12, 2017 Working with groups in general isn’t easy. No matter if you are facilitating a meeting, a workshop or a training. Feedback plays one important part and a safe learning environment plays another. Put into simple words, be kind and supportive towards each other! What is happening! (turn on sound) But sometimes none of these approaches […]

Understanding Group Dynamics in a fun way

GilbertoFollowMay 31, 2018 Time ago I presented a game at the Agile Game Lab Berlin meetup. I have been searching that game for years and once I found it, I wanted to try it. the game is called: Movers and Shapers.   You can find more about it at this link: The game is really simple. A group of people […]

Successful Group Dynamics

Melody Rose SteinFollowOct 9, 2014 Groups can be an effective way of accomplishing larger goals with greater efficiency than possible when working alone. However, most of the assigned classwork groups I’ve been a part of have only decreased productivity and simplified individual creativity rather than improve upon it. While these collaborations tended to yield a […]