Towards healthy power dynamics at work [Bartlett]

Itamar GoldminzFollowMar 25 “Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a structureless group. Any group of people of whatever nature that comes together for any length of time for any purpose will inevitably structure itself in some fashion. (…) “As long as the structure of the group is […]

Understanding Group Dynamics

Sandra AhnkronFollowJan 9, 2018 If you care about how well a team is performing, group dynamics is crucial for you to understand. A great start towards influencing group dynamics is by understanding the archetypes described in the extensively researched Integrated Model of Group Development (IMGD) by Susan Wheelan. Here you will get my concise summary, […]

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

A speech at ETech, April, 2003Published July 1, 2003 on the “Networks, Economics, and Culture” mailing list. Subscribe to the mailing list.This is a lightly edited version of the keynote I gave on Social Software at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference in Santa Clara on April 24, 2003 Good morning, everybody. I want to talk this morning […]

Microsolidarity Part 2: a Theory of Groups and Groups of Groups

Richard D. BartlettFollowDec 2, 2018 This is part 2 of a 4 part series about ‘microsolidarity’: a plan for people supporting each other to do more meaningful work. The other parts are here: 1, 3, 4 Definition of terms For me to explain my theory, I need to invent some language. Unfortunately in English, we are missing words for […]

On rounds

The signature tool of sociocracy are rounds. Like all tools in sociocracy, rounds support equal voice and effectiveness. Everybody gets a chance to talk. Everybody gets a chance to listen. Rounds can easily be underrated. This article is a celebration of rounds! Ted J Rau May 9 1. Rounds support equal voice and effectiveness a. How […]

9 lessons from Franck Underwood to CDOs about Digital Transformation

Aref JDEY Mar 5, 2016 House of Cards is full of lessons, tips and guidance on how to run business, leadership, group dynamics and transformation. And Digital Transformation is a journey encompassing all of these aspects. 1. Relationships are they golden key Ask yourself, like Frank Underwood and his stuff, “who do we know ?”. As a […]

Group Dynamics: Back to the Basics? – New Organizational Insights – Medium

Learning From the Past to Inform the Future Paul ThoresenFollowJun 29, 2017 Irecently read a trio of pieces which got me seriously thinking about the “level” at which we do research and provide interventions in organizations. We often look at organizations through an individual lens, at least here in the United States, and especially those of us […]